How to buy fresh and cheap seafood at Hai Tien Beach

For the crazy fans of seafood, before coming to Hai Tien Beach, you will definitely make a list of to-do lists, which is to immediately search for a list of delicious dishes and restaurants in Hai Tien Beach. At the same time, check prices, menu menus, find seafood markets at Hai Tien Beach… to buy groceries thanks to the restaurant’s processing…

That is also the way to prepare to help us have an interesting trip, eat many delicious dishes that the cost has been planned in advance.

If you want to buy delicious and cheap seafood in Hai Tien Beach, you can refer to some of the ways below that we share.

  • Eat seafood at Hai Tien Sea: The seafood here is all very fresh because it’s freshly caught, we can choose according to the taste we like. The most important thing is the price. The situation of guillotine in tourist beaches is very much, so before ordering, ask for the price first, if it is reasonable, you can choose to eat.
  • Go to the seafood market at Hai Tien Beach: Hai Tien Beach Market has a fairly large scale, in which we can freely choose dishes to take home as gifts or bring to the restaurant for processing. There is a special feature when you go to Hai Tien beach is that early in the morning when you go to the sea, you can buy seafood right here.

In Hoang Thanh and Hoang Hai sea areas, in the early morning, fishermen coming back from the sea often bring fresh seafood batches (from the locality). If you’re lucky, you can buy a lot of delicious seafood such as: shrimp, crab, surface, squid… to prepare dishes or bring back in boxes as gifts. This is a spontaneous Hai Tien market of the people, so you should pay a comfortable price to choose the best dish for processing.

Another point of interest when coming to Hai Tien Beach is not to follow the suggestion of any kind hotel “staff”, or listen to the recommendations of the tram drivers because they will all guide you to the restaurants. has been pre-cut.

And especially before going to Hai Tien beach, please refer to some reputable websites and fanpages to ask admin about your questions before going. Hai Tien beach tourism is one of the professional and reliable websites and fanpages for your reference on issues related to accommodation and travel in Hai Tien Beach.


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